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Data/Lore: Art inspired by eru_a
strangegirl85 wrote in soong_brothers

DataLore - Heart by ~LilliamSlasher on deviantART

Inspired by eru_a fic "A Universal Force".
Title: Heart
Artist: LilliamSlasher (that's me :P)
Rating: R (for quite obvious innuendo and cheap eroticism)

Here's another version: http://lilliamslasher.deviantart.com/art/DataLore-Heart-POP-version-264255154

DataLore - Heart POP version by ~LilliamSlasher on deviantART

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Oh wow, I'm really honored that a fic of mine inspired you to a drawing! I know you didn't really make it *for* me, but I feel I should say thank you anyway. So - thank you! <3

(Sorry for the late reply... I don't check LJ every day anymore because, well, there's just so little activity here atm...)

The glowing heart is amazing, I love the way it illuminates the whole scene. Beautiful coloring, too. Makes the atmosphere very intimate, but no less creepy. ;o) Also the bondage is a nice extra touch. XD

Why do you say "cheap eroticism"? I don't think there's anything cheap about this pic. It's actually quite subtle - well, not the gore of course, but certainly the sex.

Ha, I'm happy there are still fans out there inspired by this pairing and very glad that my fic can contribute to that. Yay! :o)

I'm so, so, so happy that you liked it!! ^^
well, is not THAT subtle, specially Lore dipping his fingers inside the wet hole on Data's chest xD it is a bit cheap. but i like cheap :P
is a shame how D/L fans aren't very active anymore, they must be busy with other fandoms/pairings :-/
Can't blame them, I'm too busy thinking stories and drawing other pairings from other fandoms myself. But I might post a Data/Lore comic in a week or so (just finished translating it).
oh, how I LOVE this twisted pairing =D!!!

I would have liked to have seen more Lore in the STNG series too. I have a thing for brotherly relationships gone wrong. You might see more traffic now if only because Tom Hiddleston looked Data-esque LOL. I know it got me back into reading Data/Lore FF. It was an "OH YEAHHH, whatever happened with that" moment... and here I am looking at your pics:)

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