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FanArt post. Data + D/L

Hi, thanks to eru_a  I discovered this wonderful community.
I'm pretty much inactive in LJ and this would be my second? post at any community, I don't even remember.
I'm a lurker but Data, Lore, B4 drove me out, and I feel like I've finally found my sanctum and feel obliged to contribute at least something.

this drawing was done for the viewing pleasure of fellow Data and Lore fanciers and shippers =)
Since they are rather large click on thumbs/links for full view.

Title: I Love You Brother
Artist: me
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own them, paramount does.
Data Lore <---I can't find a way to make this flash work on LJ so here's there link

I was just pretty much exploring what could possibly happen and where did Lore end up.
Post emotion chip Data (set after First Contact)contemplates their relationship.
Data is reactivating Lore to some degree.

I need to get off my lazy ass and get myself a Data icon >.>
Tags: art, data/lore, rating:g
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