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fics again

For those about to rock who are bored, some more incomplete fic. 'Cuz that's what I'm good at. XP

Title: Forgotten Sons
Characters: Picard, Data, Androids, androids everywhere!
Rating: PG-13
Status: incomplete
Warnings: violence, Lewd's mouth, bad writing
Summary: Q sends the Enterprise three hundred years into the future to mediate between the Federation and a long lost colony, but both sides seem intent on keeping secrets that could jeopardize them all.

Data's not in this one, but it's about him, if that makes any sense.

Title: Pieces
Characters: Picard, Geordi, Maddox, "Ten"
Rating: PG
Status: incomplete
Warnings: unbeta'd, cliche` evil admirals
Summary: Data is declared property and removed from the Enterprise. Years later, Picard is ordered to test run one of Maddox's prototypes, and begins to see shades of a friend long thought lost. "Measure of a Man" AU.
Tags: fic
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