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more D/L fan art
data ribbon
eru_a wrote in soong_brothers
Guys... guys? Anyone still here?

Look what rinzler made for me! Well, I paid good money for it, but still... Isn't it beautiful?! *runs around squeeing*

Click the pic for a larger version.

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I'm still here - promise!

And what a lovely piece of art. :)

Thanks, you're a sweetheart. :o)

BTW... I was wondering... would you mind terribly if I asked you for advise about a fic this time? I am SO stuck and so tired of it. And you're very active lately - with Sherlock stuff, I know, but perhaps you've got a little drop of inspiration left for poor Data and his wild emotions, too... ^ ^

I'd be delighted! I am still working on Trek stuff (promise!), despite my apparent shift to "Sherlock," though I seem also to have hit some roadblocks regarding Data. Anyway, feel free to message me or email if that's easier (and if you still need my email, I can get that to you as well). Looking forward to it!

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. As it turns out it might take a few days longer before I actually have something to send you, whether it's the fic itself or considerations about it. Somehow writing a draft mail to you keeps giving me new ideas that I want to try out first...

But in case I do figure it out by myself after all, I promise I'll send you the scene as an exclusive preview or something. ;o)

Oh, I definitely know how that goes! Either way, I look forward to it. :)

I'm here, too. Interesting art ;-)
(BTW what happened to the gorgeous site logo/header? am I the only one who can't see it anymore? :-( )

No, it's indeed gone! Thanks for pointing this out (I usually view the comm in my own style).

That'll be difficult to fix, though... The comm's css was created and maintained by servetolive, who more or less disappeared from the net a few months ago. I'll try & see if I can contact her - otherwise we'll have to find something new. :o(

:-( I should have saved that logo image, cause it was very pretty. I usually save any image I like from the web, but this time I didn't. Maybe someone saved it and it can be re-uploaded to an image host to put it back on the site. but anyway, a new logo is always nice! :-)

Indeed it is! Well worth it, I think.
And what a story could be behind it, mwehehe.

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