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Lore Vid (rate: PG)
strangegirl85 wrote in soong_brothers
 Hi! Umm, this is my first contribution to this comm, though eru_a posted an illustration of mine, so this would be my second appearance on this comm :-P

So I'll like to share this vid I've made; it's an insight of Lore's psychopathic mind. Lore's POV.
(also there's a lil' bit of Data/Lore, but it's very very subtle; it's more like Lore's longing for Data, but the vid it's focused on other aspects)

And M.E. I eat dust
We're all so run down
I'd call it my death
But I'll only fade away
And I hate to fade alone
Now there's only M.E.

We were so sure
We were so wrong
Now it's over
But there's no one left to see
And there's no one left to die
There's only M.E.

Why should I care
Why should I try
Oh no, oh no
I turned off the pain
Like I turned off you all
Now there's only M.E.

Song belongs to Gary Numan ("M.E. 2003 remix, by Gary Numan, from the album "Hybrid")

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Wow, awesome! You've used the little material that's available for Lore in a clever, creative way to show the tormented, vulnerable sides of his personality. And combined them very effectively with the song lyrics. (I loved the little bit with Juliana and Noonien around 0:54!) And indeed there are interesting little hints of a certain tension between him and his brother... I can't wait to see more of your perspective on the pairing itself. ;o)

Gosh, sorry about the language. It's not my own. Also - Gary Numan, nice. :o)

I've always wanted to see a Lore vid, but there's just so little of him I didn't think it could be done well without obvious repetition of shots. I'm glad you proved me wrong! I loved the use of not just Lore but of those in his life, and the matching of the shots with the lyrics was perfect. When there was reuse of shots it was effective. The song's catchy too. Fantastic!

THANK YOU!!!! :-D I was afraid the vid was a bit confuse or silly, but
both eru_a and you understand perfectly what I tried to say in this vid, and that makes me so ridiculously happy xD!!

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