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Fic Adoptable
impishtubist wrote in soong_brothers
 *tip-toes in*

*sets prompt on table*

Data began life in the arms of his brother. Poetic, really, that it should end the same way. 

*scurries away*

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*glances up from working furiously on own fic*

*ducks back, pulls hood further over face*

*groans with pain at yet more inspiration gnawing at insides*

I was trying desperately to work on one of my WIPs and that lovely line kept banging around my head and just would not leave me alone. I knew if I didn't share that I wouldn't get anything else done tonight. :D Hopefully someone can make something of it!

It's a lovely line indeed. Romantic, too, in my view. ;o)
Though it also reeks of character death, something I'm terrified to write. But who knows? Maybe Lore will find a solution. Maybe he'll spend the rest of his long life tormenting himself with the search for one. Maybe (which seems more probable, considering the word 'poetic') the thinker of this line is a third character who changes the whole story.

Well, perhaps one day I'll find the time to give a nice shape to this. But ATM I'm already completely caught up in a WIP of my own...

Ooooh, I'm excited to read your WIP!

It's also possible that the line is being thought by Data as he 'dies.' Something along the lines of, "This is appears to be a situation which humans would describe as 'poetic.'"

Oh, geez. *must resist plot bunny, must resist plot bunny*

That's nice of you to say. :o) I'm not sure it will be quite your thing, though... It's mostly about Data / from Data's POV. There's a lot of angst and confusion about Lore, but the only active slash will be with Geordi. At least, in this chapter... Muwahaha.

BTW, I've been meaning to ask you: why did you add 'fangirl' to your Charioteer icon? TBH I liked it better without. And I'm sure no one will think you' re claiming to be the author... ;o)

And you know very well I'll read pretty much anything with Data in it and definitely anything with Lore. Especially if you wrote it, because you're an amazing author. ;-)

As for the icon: I actually didn't make it. I was cleaning out my old desktop a while back and found a bunch of icons I had taken from LJ comms back in 2005 just because I kind of liked the pictures or the phrases. I decided to take this one out for a spin and just never changed it back.

Especially if you wrote it
Thanks a lot! That's really very kind. And very encouraging. :o)

What WIP are you working on? I'm looking forward to reading that, too. As you know I loved both the 'Spot' and the 'Lal' fic setting you've developed.

...I actually have 3 going in this fandom. I don't know why. I think I have a death wish.

One is an expansion of the Lal&Lore fic that has them going on adventures and whatnot. Another is about Data trying to reactivate Lal after "First Contact." And the third is turning into an epic fic about day-to-day life on the Enterprise - though we know there is nothing routine about life on that ship. So far, Picard's taken ill, Riker's screwed up a diplomatic mission, Geordi's been chasing farm animals through the Jeffries Tubes, and Data's ended up in the Brig.

OK, cool! I guess I must have underestimated your interest in Data.

Oh dear god, that third one sounds very cracky. Looking forward to reading all of them! :o)

That icon is made of win. And, oh dear, I hope I haven't given off the impression that I don't like Data! I find Lore easier to write (not quite sure what that says about me) but I absolutely adore Data.

*ahem* Will stop rambling now and cluttering up this post. :)

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